Dadi – vocals, guitars, mandolin, electric bass

Giovanni Ceccarelli – piano, keyboards

Ferruccio Spinetti – double and electric bass

Francesco Petreni – drums, percussions


New project with:

Ivan Lins – vocals, vocoder, piano, keyboards


Group founded in 2009 by Ceccarelli and Spinetti, who met in Rio de Janeiro with Dadi and started together this project including also Francesco Petreni.

The repertoire is based on original songs with lyrics in Portuguese, Italian, Neapolitan and English, as well as classics of the Brazilian and Italian songbook.

The group’s first CD, entitled “InventaRio”, was published in 2010 (Italian label My Favorite Records – distribution EMI) with special guests Ivan Lins, Marisa Monte, Pacifico and Petra Magoni.

The CD met the public’s and critics’ success:
“(”InventaRio” is) a work of delicate sophistication, in perfect balance between jazz, the best Italian songwriting, and the great ‘Musica Popular Brasileira’.”

Sergio Pasquandrea, Italian magazine “JazzIt”, 2010.

InventaRio’s new project involves great Brazilian composer, singer and pianist Ivan Lins.

After being featured in “InventaRio”, singing his own song “Ti Amo (Te Amo)” in Italian, Ivan Lins proposed to InventaRio to record a whole CD together: “InventaRio incontra Ivan Lins” is a homage to Lins’ music, with original arrangements and new versions sang in Italian, English, Portuguese and Neapolitan. The CD stars some outstanding guests, such as Chico Buarque, Samuele Bersani, Fabrizio Bosso, Maria Pia De Vito, Vanessa Da Mata, and Vinicius Cantuária. The CD was released in Italy in May 2012 by famous label Blue Note / EMI Music Italy. In November 2013 the CD has been published in Brazil by prestigious label Biscoito Fino with the title “InventaRio encontra Ivan Lins”. Moreover, song “Camaleonte (Camaleão)” from this CD – starring Maria Gadú and Jessica Brando – has been included in Gadú’s latest CD “Nós”. In 2014 the CD is nominee at the “15th Annual Latin Grammy Awards” as “Best MPB Album”.

“All (members of group InventaRio) are excellent musicians, and admirers of my work. Recording with this group was simple and surprising. I soon realized that they are very creative, which brought a new sound to the songs.”

Ivan Lins

“(”InventaRio incontra Ivan Lins” contains) music with no definite borders, which has been conceived and played with extreme sophistication.”

Ugo Bacci, Italian newspaper “L’Eco di Bergamo”, 2012.

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